Hello, everyone!
I'm Tetiana Sokolova, the owner and photographer of Capture Studio Company. My journey in the dynamic world of Photo and Video Industry started over 12 years ago in Kyiv, Ukraine. After relocating to the USA, I embarked on my own career as a Photographer and Videographer in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. In 2020  I discovered my passion for Interior design, Real estate, Architecture, Hospitality, and Commercial Photography, ultimately giving birth to Capifruttastudio, which later transformed into Capture Studio in 2023.
Capture Studio,  based in the Chicago area,  is your collaborative partner, working hand-in-hand with architects, builders, developers, owners, realtors, and designers to beautifully showcase the unique design elements, textures, and ambiance of a wide array of structures, including residential homes, commercial properties, hotels, and more for portfolio purposes, marketing campaigns, social media or editorial features. 
My approach goes beyond the mere act of capturing images. I aim to tell a story about each space, reflecting the architect's or designer's vision and the owner's personality. Having 8 years of experience as a photo editor my high-end post-processing process enhances photographs to ensure that the final results are captivating and visually appealing to elevate more customers.
I cooperate with other photographers, videographers, drone operators, stylists,   editors in partnership to cover any need of your order. To get more information about my service or order the photoshoot please, send me a request through the contact form below.
Thank you!
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